The Right And Refuse Treatment Essay

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The Right to refuse treatment is a question that is a topic in today’s society that you would have thought ever would become a choice for a human being. This has now become a general question for quite a few patients in today’s society. A person can have many different reasons for right to refusing treatment versus getting receiving treatment for a particular ailment or life changing reason. All patients have the right to treatment as well as a right to refuse any and all forms of treatment in healthcare. The concept of how the right to refuse treatment was formed based on the concept of a right to refuse treatment was built on basic rights to privacy, equal protection under the law, and due process. In other words, involuntarily hospitalized patients still have a right to decide what happens to their bodies.
Although the right to refuse medical treatment is universally recognized as a fundamental principle of liberty, this right is not always honored. A refusal can be thwarted either because a patient is unable to competently communicate or because providers insist on continuing treatment. To help enhance the patient 's right to refuse treatment, many states have enacted so-called "living will" or "natural death" statutes. We believe the time has come to move beyond these current legislative models, and we therefore propose a Model Act that clearly enunciates an individual 's right to refuse treatment, does not limit its exercise to the terminally ill or to heroic…

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