The Right And Lie Of Parents Among Adolescents And Emerging Adults

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The right time to lie to parents.
Shante Stone-Hill
Adler Graduate School The right time to lie to parents In the article, The Right to Do Wrong: Lying to Parents among Adolescents and emerging adults, Jensen et al. (2004) conducted a research study that focused on adolescents and emerging adults lying to parents and the reasons behind the decision to lie. Jensen et al, separated children lying into categories to begin to address possible core factors. Categories such as, developmental, individual, and family can all factor into why kids chose to lie. Within each category Jensen et al, explained how the four factors contributed to the thought process of the adolescent or emerging adult to lie to parents.
Literature and Hypothesis Jensen et al, began the study by reporting predications of lying. The predictions where broken down into subcategories such as, age, sex, motives for lying, personality characteristics, and family characteristics. Adolescents are striving for autonomy and making decisions factors in to that. “Not everyone is likely to distinguish the “moral”, “conventional” and “personal” along the same lines.”(). According to Jensen et al, there are parents who are more conventional and believe that categories such as substances and sexual behavior should have rules set in place, however an adolescent might view those same categories as personal and believe the parents do not need to know (2004). The difference in opinion can be the start to…

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