Essay about The Rig Life Culture And My Life

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The Rig Life Culture

It was in April 2011, I was working only 20-30 hours a week, due to shortage of work. It was a struggle for my family; my wife, which was pregnant with our second child, and my daughter, at the time was only 2. I was doing odd jobs whenever I wasn’t able to work my normal job. This still seemed to not be enough for my family and me to really live on. Work continued to slow down, and our bills seemed to speed up. As usual, I was determined one way or another, to turn my position around and provide for my family. As odd jobs, I was mowing several yards, one of which belonged to George, a man I had went to high school with. After finishing up his yard we stood around and were talking. He told me that since he was a Driller for Highlands Drilling, that he could almost guarantee me a job. This seemed like a really good idea, no other scenarios seemed to be working out for us. Only one thing left to do before applying for the job, talk to my wife about the proposal. After a long conversation on the matter, my wife and I concluded that we really had no other options. So, on Monday I went immediately and applied for a Floor Hand position at the Highlands Drilling office. After finishing all the necessary paper work, the secretary came in and said that I had been requested on Highlands Rig 8 near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. I told her that it sounded great and asked, “When do I start?” The answer I got was not what I expected to hear, I was told that since…

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