The Rich Get Richer And The Poor And Working Classes Essay

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“Wealth moves like a shark over the rock-bound crustaceans of the poor and working classes”. The economic state of our nation thrives off of the positions of the poor working class, middle class, and the wealthy. A cycle takes place in this situation and that is exactly how “the rich get richer. And the poor get poorer”. Would you like to know which class system you fit into? It’s pretty easy. Ask yourself these common questions that define who we are; not just economically. How is your level of income? What kind of education are you receiving? Is your job self-sufficient enough? Are you living a certain way because of the class you are in? As long as you aren’t wealthy, you’re obviously doing something wrong. As long as you aren’t poor, you’re at least thriving a tad bit in life as a middle class worker. But at the same time, the poor and middle class are wanted in these positions. In other words, being kept oppressed in these financial statuses are exactly why the rich get richer. It is how any capitalist nation has been functioning for years.
This idea might seem difficult to accept regarding the rich and privileged but who did they think provided them and their families with their “necessities”. Obviously the money that they own has been tainted with blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. Trapped by an invisible shield, we will forever benefit the wealthy if it is not realized that we harbor the most power. As quoted by Winston Smith, a fictional character in…

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