The Rhetorical Appeals Of Friedman 's Don 't Ban Photos Of Skinny Models

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I am writing in response to your request that I analyze Vanessa Friedman’s “Don’t Ban Photos of Skinny Models” and to make a recommendation for or against the publication in The Shorthorn newspaper. I have considered the rhetorical appeals of Friedman’s article and come to a conclusion that the readers of The New York times will find it quite convincing. Even though it could be unpersuasive to some readers, I am in support of publishing her work because readers all over are likely to find the piece to be a good read as it is a topic most people can relate to. Friedman’s main point is that banning photos of skinny models is not the answer to the problem. She provides three reasons to support her claim, which she mentions in the write-up: “banning something simply makes it much more intriguing; It’s also because to judge a body healthy or unhealthy is still to judge it.; To ban an ad depicting a specific body type is to demonize that type.” These reasons are all legitimate because as they support her main claim in the article and they relate to fashion and social construct, which is likely important to the targeted audience. Although Friedman’s several reasons for her claim are a bit concise, one cannot argue that they are invalid and not straight to the point. For her first reason, she says “banning something simply makes it much more intriguing”, this is quite true, but the problem is that she only gives one short instance of an old Gucci ad that was banned. It is true…

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