The Rhetoric Of Migration Media Essay

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The Rhetoric of Migration in News Media
Canada has a long history of humanitarian action welcoming refugees from all over the world. Starting on the year 1776 when 3,000 Black Loyalists came to Canada fleeing the American Revolution, the country has provided refuge to those escaping hardship. Thus, conventional wisdom would dictate that welcoming refugees is embedded in the country’s dominant cultural discourse.
To explore this topic, this literature review will focus on three major themes found in how news media in Anglo-Saxon countries addressed the rhetoric of migrants. Specifically, how do they present the refugee’s experience? What ‘labels’ does news media use to present refugees? How do they address a host country’s nationality in the refugee discussion? Although the literature presents these selected themes in a variety of communication contexts, this paper will primarily focus on their application to the rhetoric of migration only.
How does news media present the refugee’s experience?
Researchers have found that the migrant experience is generally misrepresented and misreported in news media due to combination lack of relevant training, apathetic attitudes and lack of industry standards (Bennett et al., 2013; Bradimore and Bauer, 2011; Doherty, 2015; George, 2015; Greenberg, 2000; Khosravinik, 2009).
Researchers claim that journalists lack the expertise needed to cover migration issues because they have not been educated on International Humanitarian laws nor…

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