Essay on The Revolutions Of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848 were a series of conflicts that began in Paris, France in February of 1848, and spread all over Europe during the next year. These revolutions shook the very foundation of political and social order in the countries that were involved. They took place in France, Italy, the Habsburg Empire, and much of Germany. These series of political upheavals throughout Europe were primarily caused by the severe food shortages which led to famine and increased food prices, economic suffering in commercial industries, widespread unemployment, systems for relief of the poor were inadequate, and background factors such as the Enlightenment, rise of liberalism, and the American, French, and Latin American Revolutions. Throughout the Revolutions of 1848, there was a clear division between social classes not only because of different motivations, but different ways of life as well. The liberal, middle class was motivated by the desire for a representative government, civil liberties, and an unregulated economy. While the lower classes were motivated by the request for improved working, economic, and living conditions. The social division is evidently shown in the following paintings: Barricade Rue Soufflot by Horace Vernet and Barricades in Marzstrasse by Edouard Ritter. Both of the paintings focus on social class as the clear distinction between the moderate, liberal middle class and the working class, which show the motives behind the initiation of the revolutions and…

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