The Revolutionary War Essay

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The theme of the Revolutionary War is passion. Ever since the Puritans first colonized in Massachusetts, the British have abused their power over the colonies. In 1607, the English were finally successful in establishing colony in the Americas, the colony was called Jamestown, and it was in Virginia. After that, many of the English moved and created their own colonies. One of those colonies was made up of the puritans, who were English Protestants. They escaped Britain to get away from persecution, and therefore created a colony in Massachusetts and became mostly merchants. After a while, the British didn’t consider the colonist English citizens anymore. They taxed the colonist for profit,forced them to take care of soldiers that were there to limit their rights, and didn 't give them fair representation. In other words, the colonists were justified in waging a war and breaking away from Britain.

There are many reasons why the colonists were justified in causing the Revolutionary war, one of them were for economic injustice. After many of the colonies were established and started trading, the British passed the Navigation Acts, which forced every ship involved with trading to have a crew of 2/3 British, it also required them to ship certain goods only to Britain or her colonies. .Eventually, the French came to North America, they settled in Quebec looking to make a profit of the resources in the west. Meanwhile, the English colonies were overpopulating, and were also…

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