The Revolutionary War, Painted By Emanuel Leutze Essay

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One of the most well-known pictures of the revolutionary war, painted by Emanuel Leutze almost a hundred years after, depicts a scene where George Washington stoically stands on a boat leading the troops across the frozen Delaware River. The American flag wraps around itself in the frozen wind, some troops are holding their hats, while others are paddling the claustrophobic wooden crafts. One guy even pushes a mini iceberg away with a stick so the boat can pass through the murky frozen waters. This picture is meant to illicit pride in this moment just before a major victory that would boost morale. It depicts troops who are willing to sacrifice their life for freedoms, a tradition that is carried throughout American military history. Americans are indebted to those who fought for their independence from the British, and that allowed our country to be established. One of the troops that we owe our country 's ability to become free was Lieutenant Frederick Gotthold Enslin; a man who put his life at risk, went into battles, and who was discharged in 1778 by George Washington for attempting Sodomy (Washington 1799). Thus with the journal of George Washington we see the question of how to deal with homosexuality in the military arise, almost as old as the birth of America itself (Belkin 2014).
It 's an issue that the American military and government will have to grapple with for almost two and a half centuries. The positions that the military held on…

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