The Revolutionary War Of 1776 Essay

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The idea and practice of freedom has increased dramatically throughout the course of American History. From the American revolution in 1776 for freedom from British rule to the progressing equal rights treatment of blacks and women, America is a nation that has seen freedom for its citizens increase throughout the centuries.
The Revolutionary War of 1776 was a war fought by American colonies against the British as a means of gaining freedom from the colonial government’s rule. The American colonies were opposed to the British government’s stranglehold over their nation. The British found themselves in debt after the French and Indian War, and in order to pay off the debt the British collected taxes through the Stamp Act, Tea Act, and other taxes to the American colonies. The American people deemed this unfair, and set in motion the events that led to the Revolutionary War of 1776. One act of defiance to the British government was The Virginia Stamp Act Resolves, written by Patrick Henry. The Virginia Stamp Act Resolves stated that Virginia alone had the right to tax the people of Virginia, not the Virginia government.1 The Virginia Stamp Act Resolves led other colonial legislatures to adopt similar positions. One example of this is Samuel Adams who formed a Committee of Correspondence in Boston whose means was to organize against the Britain’s attempts to impose its will on America.2 These two acts of independence for America resulted in Britain repealing both the Stamp Act…

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