Essay on The Revolutionary War And The Civil War

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The time period between the end of the Revolutionary War and the Civil war is commonly known as the Antebellum Period. Many different movements occurred throughout the period which changed the way America was sculpted. Some movements that occurred include the Abolitionist movement, the creation of canals and railroads in the North, the creation of the public school systems, the industrialization movement of the North, and a movement known as the Second Awaking. All of these movements occurred in response to past historical event which allowed for the change in personal perspective among Americans. The most valid reform movement during the Antebellum Period was the Abolishment movement. The events of this movement were elevated by the Turner Rebellion in the 1830’s. This uprising among slaves was led by Nat Turner and created a strong awareness for the potential of many other slave rebellions to occur. The rebellions have occurred prior to this event, however the Turner Rebellion was the largest uprising of its kind. In response to this uprising the freedom of slaves and slave groups became even more minimized. In conjunction to the slave uprising, Americans were facing a period of the Second Awakening. The Second Awakening gave rise to a more spiritual evangelistic America. The moral compass began to shift towards supporting the Abolitionist movement. More Americans began to view slavery as a sin. William Lloyd Garrison helped to create the…

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