Essay on The Revolutionary Impact On The United States

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After the first few weeks of clinic, I feel very lucky for the experiences that I’ve had so far. I came to clinic without any working experience in environmental law. Instead, I brought a strong interest that has slowly been building since taking urban planning and environmental classes in college and then finding the legal issues presented in property and water law even more so. One thing that I did not bring though was an informed appreciation for just how complicated these issues were. Issues seemed so black and white, so right and wrong when we were reading Silent Spring in my environmental class. Of course DAT was terrible, and of course we needed to protect Yosemite. I never really stopped to appreciate that people opposed John Muir and when we talked about the revolutionary impact of Rachel Carson’s book, I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be working on those issues before the endorsement of history validated your perspective.
I have found that there is more uncertainty in the present. So while I still read about the potential effects the desalination plants, especially the proposed one in Huntington Beach and think that it is a clear decision. I look at the high cost of not only the plant but the water it produces. I look at the alternatives like the subsurface infiltration gallery that has been so effective in Japan and doesn’t have the same drastic effects on ocean life, and I quickly conclude that there is a better way to meet our water demands. It’s a…

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