The Revolution That Changed The Country And The World Essay

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Bryan Staerkel
Caribbean/Post Colonial

In the late 1700’s Haiti went through a revolution that changed the country and the world in a way unlike any other. Toussaint Louverture led a revolution that successfully ended slavery and made France, as well as many other countries question it. Haiti became the worlds first black republic and the aftermath of the revolution can still be seen today. “Egalite for All” brings the story of the revolution to life and gives greater insight to what really happened, while Knight, Trouillet, and Ulysse all had unique takes on the revolution, and Brereton shows how the Caribbean was changed in the future. “Egalite for All” was a compelling film that focused on the Haitian revolution and Toussaint Louverture. Haiti was a country based on slaves and was extremely profitable for the French. As we learned in lecture, the French revolution made all colors of people in Haiti strive for citizenship for different reasons. The Grand blancs thought it applied only to the wealthy white people in Haiti. The Petit blancs thought equality applied to all white people in French colonies. The Gens de couleur were the free blacks and they believed they were equal with the whites. Slaves were at the bottom of the hierarchy, but the revolutionary ideals still greatly affected them. The petit blancs drafted a constitution for Haiti that eliminated qualifications of race and land ownership for citizenship. The Grand blancs were very against this. Then,…

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