Essay The Revolution Of The United States

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Revolution in a country by its common people is a demand for change. The common people, the ones dong the work day in and day out fell as if they are have been betrayed by the very people that are supposed to be helping them prosper in life, the government. This is exactly what Benjamin Franklin believes to the truth, and what the people of France in 1789 found to be a stark reality. The peasants, typically farmers, and the Bourgeoisie, France’s wealthiest class, felt that their chances to better their lives were being restricted by their own government. Shortly after this consensus the Third Estate, which was another name for this group of people, followed in suit with Benjamin Franklin’s predictions and a Revolution began to form. For decades the 3rd Estate was the French Government’s national treasury from which they continued draw increase taxes along with additional fees the common people were required to pay the Church. In conjunction with the outrageous taxes the French Government placed on the 3rd Estate, the government misused the funds collected from its people in futile wars, which drove the country further into debt. The imprudent spending policies among the upper levels of France and the defective taxation system implemented by the royalty incited the common people of France, consequently setting in motion the French Revolution of 1789.***Relate straight to the quote from the start and add more contex i.e. 1st and 2nd Estate***

The 3rd Estate in France…

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