Essay on The Revolution Of The Sixties

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Time is fluid, as are the actions of people, that’s what makes writing a piece about a decade that truly encompasses it impossible. There is always something before, something that inspired people, that challenged their thoughts and brought them to where they are. Therefore, I wanted to show through this decade that the world is made up of building blocks one thing leading to another. You’re about to read a microscopic look at the decade of the 70s, there is always more going on, beyond what I could ever provide you.
In my last decade report I wrote about the hippies, and their protests against war as a political tool. Most of their protests were peaceful, giving out flowers and encouraging people to love, not to fight. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, they were protesting Vietnam, what they saw as unneeded slaughter of both Americans and Vietnamese. Therefore, when Nixon secretly authorized massive bombing raids on Cambodia (a neutral country), they were very upset. It wasn’t that they didn’t understand the reason, the communist Vietnamese guerillas mainly operated out of bases in Cambodia, crossing back into Vietnam when they deemed it necessary. But, it still sparked a wave of anti-war protests across America. In response to this some people thought the best thing to do was to use force to subdue the protesters. Then California Governor Ronald Reagan, was one of the leading forces behind this belief, even saying: “If it takes a bloodbath then let’s get it over with.”…

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