The Revolution Of The French Revolution Essay

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The 1600 's were a powerful and influential time for French history, with the uprising of the French Revolution, the divine-right of kings, and the utter lavishness of the Palace Versailles. There was extreme political tension between Louis XIV and the people, which caused caused great social turmoil. Louis XIV, also known as the "Sun King", was both a successful ruler, while simultaneously a rather arrogant one. While the French Revolution was taking place, Louis XIV was targeted amongst the French people due to his obvious disrespect for the people as he made his palace more and more extravagant. The palace at Versailles stands as a historical and artistic monument that represents the absolute monarchy under which France was ruled by Louis XIV. Louis XIV of France, or the Sun King, was born in 1638 into the royal family of France. From birth Louis was introduced into a lavish lifestyle and became king at the age of five. Louis was born into an unstable government and lived a hard life, constantly battling with the populous of France. (Louis XIV Biography). The French Revolution added to the social turmoil under his rule, as large riots filled the streets of France. As ignorant as he seemed, Louis had aspirations for France, "His first goal as absolute monarch was to centralize reign in control France." (Louis XIV Biography). Louis strategically took power away from certain nobles and attempted to reform France 's disorganized taxation system. King Louis was eventually…

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