The Revolution Of The French Revolution Essay

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French Revolution Feminism Despite the various events that happened during the French Revolution, such as the fall of Bastille, March on Versailles, and the Reign of Terror, women still prevailed and fought for their rights in a sexist and misogynist world. On October 4, 1789, a crowd of women marched towards Versailles demanding bread for their families. Fewer than two years later, in 1791, Marie Gouze, or better known as Olympes de Gouges, proposed a reform platform to the French National Assembly called the Declaration of the Rights of Woman. She called for complete freedom of speech, right to vote, and the opportunity to be in public office. Over the next three years, women such as Etta Palm d 'Aelders, Olympes de Gouges, Pauline Leon, Madame Roland, Charlotte Corday, and Claire Lacombe accomplished dangerous and courageous feats, which paved the way for modern-day women’s rights activists. Born in southern France in 1748, into a modest family, Marie Gouze was the daughter of a butcher and a maidservant. When she was 17, Gouze married a French officer and two years later had a son. After abandoning her son, Gouze, now known as Olympes de Gouges, went to Paris to become a famous writer. She began writing plays, but her career had only a modest success because of her poor education and inability to read for a part of her life. She began writing political pamphlets in support of the French Revolution. In order to challenge the male authority, she created the…

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