The Revolution Of The Bastille And The Reign Of Terror Essay

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Revolutions are seen by many as an inevitable part of many societies. They allow both the people and societies to progress and advance. One of these revolutions was the French Revolution, which led to the downfall of monarchies in other parts of Europe. The French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s. The revolution began with people wanting small reforms, such as changes to the system of taxation; leading to a complete change, transforming every aspect of French citizen’s lives, including for a short time, calendars and clocks. The events during the revolution gradually became more and more radical; starting with non-radical things such as the calling of the Estate-General and formation of the National Assembly, then progressing to the more radical ideals which spurred, events such as the storming of the Bastille and the Reign of Terror. Some events were caused by the structure of France, and others were caused due to human agency. Of these events, the formation of the National Assembly was an event due to the Old Regime France’s poor system of taxation, struggling economy, and unstable structure of its hierarchical society. France was going through many hardships that ended up putting it in an economic crisis. One of these hardships was war. The French fought a war with the British from the 1740s to the 1750s, and fought the Seven Years’ War from 1756 – 1763, (Doyle, 20). France did not do too well in these wars, and ended up losing both Canada and many…

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