Essay on The Revolution Of The American Youth

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The 1920’s flourished with new ways of living. The revolution of the automobile aided the rise and the creation of the American youth. Before the 1920’s there was no such thing as a ‘teenager’, and the typical young adult went to school for a short period of time and then began working to support the family. The 1920’s held a massive boom which created a surplus of everything. Surplus of food, jobs, and money created an age where leisure time was abundant, furthermore this leisure time allowed adolescents to get a better education, whether it be graduating middle school, high school, or even university. The enhanced schooling also allowed the adolescent to socialize with more students the same age, which created the massive fads of dancing, parties, and jazz music. The automobile was also a major fad turned to necessity at this time. The automobile aided the teenager in the revolution of dating and courtship. It provided a large amount of privacy and obviously mobility. Automobiles in the 1920 's drastically changed the social dynamic of the courting scene for young adults and teenagers. While looking at the impact of Automobiles and the changing of the social environment of the teenager, we can see how this all accumulates the revolution of the dating age in the 1920’s.
Automobiles had a great impact on the typical American family in the 1920’s. Automobiles mobilized many people by “bringing [families] within easy range of the suburban railroad station, and thus of the big…

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