The Revolution Of The American Revolution Essay

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Throughout history there has always been conflict. Governments are created and over thrown in an endless cycle pushed by citizens unhappy with the system. These conflicts are bloody ordeals with thousands giving their lives for the cause. When their cause is successful, there is a shift in tradition and political control. Through blood and sweat they are able to make a difference, but it doesn’t always have to be that difficult for a revolution. Many historians believe that the American Revolution cannot be classified as a revolution. A revolution is defined a forcible overthrow of a government in favor of a new system while also acquiring new social habits. Through the transference from a monarch society to a democracy and transformation to religious freedom it is clearly demonstrated that the American Revolution can be referred to as a revolution. A monarchy is the ruling of one individual over a countries government until death and then will be replaced with someone of the same lineage. The British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy, which allows other political bodies to help run the nation. This means that the highest legislative authority granted by the crown is known a parliament. Parliament has the ability to pass legislation and untimely have the most power over the residents in the monarchy. Parliament and the king’s rule appeared to balance of one another until the system was harder to maintain with new territories. To rule over territories thousands of miles…

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