The Revolution Of The American Revolution Essay

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When it comes to the idea of the American Revolution and whether it was truly revolution or not, taking a closer look into the roles of ethnic groups during this time can help answer that question. Euro-American people wanted freedom from Britain and its rule, while native american people wanted freedom from the Euro-Americans to live in the traditions they were accustom too. Although Colonist received what they desired, a revolution, the latter group did not. From the view point of the immigrant Europeans, the revolution was a much needed separation of the colonies from Great Britain’s control. They viewed the way British authority controlled them as a terrible act of injustice saying, “…identified British tyranny as a form of slavery…”. (Footnote, Takaki A different mirror chapter 3 page 66) So from a Euro-American stand point, breaking free from their British tyrants was quite revolutionary. In their opinion, they could start fresh and make their own governmental system without the shadow of the British getting in the way. Now they had the freedom to do what they saw fit and progress their communities without oppression. While under British rule, they were forced into paying taxes they saw unfair, fighting in wars they did not want to fight in, and being treated unfit for how they felt they deserved. Following the revolution, the colonist had the power to rewrite the government and give a voice to the people. They could expand their colonies westward and grow they…

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