The Revolution Of The American Revolution Essay

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Winning in the American Revolution meant no longer being ruled by the British monarchy, which gave the newly established government the ability to make their own choices, but was this freedom for everyone? No, although, it was a step in the right direction. I used to think history was the study of past events and the causes or consequences that led to the present. However, I failed to realize that history also pertains to recognizable patterns and human behavior, in other words, history is the study of people. I could say that the events prior to the American Revolution are important because it pushed people to steadily set in motion a change in the status quo. To an extent, I genuinely believe that, because had not these disgruntled individuals achieved personal revolution within themselves, then a revolution in a grander scheme would have not been possible. People such as Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson among other individuals, represent the idea that the American Revolution brought individuals to come together for an ideal, in this case, freedom from Britain. However, I cannot say for certain that the American Revolution was a war of principle and ignore the treatment of Native Americans, African Americans, and Women. Who were either forced out of their land, forced to work in said land, or flat out denied their rights in the United States despite contributions in the War.

The most common reason as to what the American Revolution was about comes…

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