The Revolution Of The 19th Revolution Essay example

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A revolution is when people want to rebel against the government for a new change. The first revolution happened during the 2710 BC when people wanted to go against the Pharaoh. A revolution happens when two different political sides have risen up to make a change of their own. No matter how the revolution happened there is power gained or lost in a government system. To the extent of the American Dream, “We are all Federalist; we are all Republicans” was a political event and the Louisiana purchase of 1803 was a foreign policy which were named after the “Revolution of 1800”. An example of a political event was Jefferson: “We are all Federalists; we are all Republicans”. The election of the 1800 was named after the “Revolution of the 1800”. The election of 1800 of John and Thomas was known for its peaceful and reconciliation revolution. Jefferson had a federalist view and Adam had a Democratic-Republican view. At the end Jefferson had a view that, “Attempted to create a spirit of bipartisanship, claiming in his inaugural address that ‘every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle we are all Federalist. We are all Republicans’ ” ( Jefferson wanted to create a peaceful revolution by saying that “We are all Federalist. We are all Republicans” because he did not want to create chaos between the people, so by saying we are both sides it brings peace to the community and people to work together. Because Jefferson did not want chaos between the…

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