The Revolution Of The 1920 ' S Essay

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Today, it is custom in America for citizens to own automobiles and use them in everyday life; this was not a normalcy until the 1920’s though. In the years previous to the 1920’s the only people who could afford automobiles were the extremely wealthy. The automobile that these upper-class citizens would often buy was the Model N from Ford. This was a very large and expensive automobile. Henry Ford knew that he had to create a smaller more affordable car to sell to the mass market (ask for help). Therefore Ford created the model T, a small box shaped car. Since he perfected the use of the assembly line used for production he was able to produce the cars far less expensively, thus making them cheaper to purchase. The assembly line technique also resulted in far quicker production. Before the assembly line it took 12 and a half hours to assemble one automobile, and after the assembly line was put into use it took only one hour and 33 minutes. Now that the production was so cheap and quick many more Americans could afford to own automobiles. About 1 in 5 people in the U.S. owned a new car.(citation) This new way of manufacturing automobiles changed the whole auto industry. The manufacturing of the automobile also broke the mold of transportation in everyday life, whilst creating vast changes to many aspects of society.

Throughout the big boom of new automobile manufacturing, three companies took over, causing competing companies to drop out of the competition or combine…

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