The Revolution Of North America Essay

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In 1776 aspirations of obtaining independence and freedom weighed heavily on the hearts of numerous Europeans living in North America. Many of the European Americans aspired to live by their own accord in a sovereign nation; however, there were other European Americans who wanted North America to be governed by the British. The European Americans who desired to revolt and overthrow the tyrannical rule of Great Britain in North America knew that they needed to gain as many supporters as they could in order to have a chance against the highly touted British army. They realized that the only way to gain more supporters was to convince the adamant British loyalists to join their fight for freedom. They began to flood North America with numerous different pieces of pro-revolution propaganda. This propaganda was intended to primarily convince everyone who was not actively involved in the revolt to join it, but it also created and entrenched more ardent feelings about what was at stake in this revolution in the hearts of the freedom supporters. There was not another piece of propaganda created during this time that galvanized as many people to take action or that was able to sway as many British loyalists into supporting the revolt as Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense. The term revolution, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as being an “Overthrow of an established government or social order by those previously subject to it; forcible substitution of a new…

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