The Revolution Of Gentlemen 's Clothing Essay

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The Revolution of Gentlemen’s Clothing: From 1900 to Present Scenario
Abdullah Al Shams Tamim
ID: 2013-1-4-018
Batch: 39
Department of Apparel Engineering, BUTEX

We have seen from time to time when a man chooses his style of clothing he always gets inspired by history and traditions, from one time to another and no era has been gone unnoticed. Therefore, we would like to have an overview of men’s clothing back to last hundred-or-so years. Probably it will develop a little insight in ourselves how the fashion of men’s wears transformation shifts, more importantly we can take refined decisions when it comes to buying clothing or to develop our individual style.

What is gentlemen’s formal clothing?

When a man appears, whatever his profession is, he preferably wears suit. A suit, sometimes regarded as “The prevalent uniform of capitalists”. Its simplicity spoke of a timeless elegance but with a sharp sense of style. “Suit” was chosen to humiliate hippies to be presenting a dull established man. Although this apparel has been extravagantly refused by Silicon Valley titans like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sergey Brin, the business suit has an exhilarating and mysterious appeal that should give wearer a tingle of pleasure every time whenever he put one on. It is a garment born out of revolution, warfare and pestilence.

Now our history of men’s clothing begins.

1. Late 1880s: Last of the Victorian styles
Victorian style started from 1837 when…

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