Essay on The Revolution And The Industrial Revolution

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What is the true definition of “revolution?” To the French, it meant a break from the past government and systems to one that represented the people and the rights they had. To the British, it meant a change of technology, ideologies, and innovations. Even though these definitions of “revolution” are very different, they each share truth of why they were called a revolution. The political revolution in France (1789-1804) and the Industrial Revolution in England (1790-1848) transformed society greatly (Bulliet). They share many concepts such as a change in social mobility, gave rights to citizens, and significantly influenced other nations. Although very similar, it is evident that the Industrial Revolution had a greater impact on society than the French Revolution. However, it is important to look at each revolution carefully to understand why they made such a great impact on society and the world the currently exists. It is clear that before the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution that people were not satisfied with what they had. Before the French Revolution, people lived in a monarchy ruled by the King Louis XVI. However, the French Society also influenced France and the position a person must fulfill. The society was divided into three states: The Clergy, the nobility, and then the rest of the French population (496). This feudal system limited people of creativity, freedom, and the ability to change their social status. People were tired of not being…

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