Essay about The Revolt Of Mother, By Mary Wilkins Freeman

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One of the great things about reading is it lets someone take an adventure of the mind. The words on the page speak different things to different people. One such story is “The Revolt of ‘Mother,’” by Mary Wilkins Freeman. Originally published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1890, (Gale 1997) it gave readers a view into the life of a woman who was struggling with how to be correct, and also of her daughter, a young woman about to get married, trying to come into her own. While some may see her actions as signs of weakness, they are actually showing their strength. These women came to terms with their own destinies by, following their hearts and making decisions based on love and their own inner strength. The opening scene has Sarah Penn, the mother, asking her husband why there are men digging in the field. A small glimpse is given of Adoniram, the husband’s feeling about the conversation he knows is coming, “there was a sudden dropping and enlarging of the lower part of the old man’s face, as if some heavy weight had settled therein: he shut his mouth tight… “(Freeman 145). It must have been a familiar conversation between them, as he is unwilling to discuss it, and she is unwilling to leave until she gets her answers. She exudes a quiet strength, as she stands waiting, her physical characteristics are described “But her eyes, fixed upon the old man, looked as if the meekness had been the result of her own will, never the will of another.” (Freeman 145). She is a woman who…

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