The Revolt Of 1857 And Northern India Essay

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British had nearly been defeated in India in 1857 because of the riots in central and northern India but in spring of 1858 they came back into the game. This was called the Revolt of 1857 and because the British came back a lot of violence occurred from both sides leading equal amounts of counter-violence. Since the British executed the rebels, the rebels also killed white civilians like women and children without mercy. This led to the Kanpur massacre in June 27, 1857. The revolt ended the rule of the East India Company in 1858 and the Indian empire was taken over by the British Crown. So far the British almost collapsed and then they come back to life and took over the Indian Empire not caring about the women and children that were killed in the process. The revolt was also joined by the society of north India and not just the Indian sepoys in the Bengal army. Which led to finding a process of fundamental, social and economic changes that upset the poor people’s communities during the first century of the Company’s rule. The Company 's government respected the traditions and customs of the native communities and a person who is from a higher caste was encouraged more to join the army so that their traditions were seen and followed by others in the army. Bengal army was the one that was the most wanted, which had a lot more of the high castes, mainly consisting of Brahmans, Rajput and Bhumihars. Their rules, nutritional and travel restrictions were thoroughly respected…

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