Essay on The Revitalization Of Eastlake, Ohio

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The Revitalization of Eastlake, Ohio
Eastlake started off as a small village and in 1951 it officially became a city in Northeast Ohio. Home to the Lake County Captains minor league baseball team, which brings in most of the city’s tourism. The population as of 2013 was 18,418, a 9.1% decrease since 2000 (Kamenov). In Eastlake, there are many buildings that have been abandoned by the owners and left to build up dust. Some examples of these buildings are the old Wal-Mart on Vine Street and the old Sears also located on Vine Street. These buildings can be turned around and begin taking in revenue to benefit the city and its people. Vacant and abandoned buildings is a large problem in Eastlake due to the negative effects that they bring into the city, and can be solved simply by implementing a revitalization plan.
Vacant and abandoned properties exist on streets all through Eastlake. They are known to raise the crime rate, affect the health of the citizens living in the area, and decrease the value of the neighboring buildings. According to the Government Accountability Office, between the year 2000 and 2010, there was a 51% increase in the number of non-seasonal vacant properties, from 7 million to well over 10 million. Many former rust belt cities contend with vacancy rates considerably higher than the national rate of 8% to 10%, including Detroit at 23%, Cleveland at 19%, and Baltimore at 15% (Vacant Properties). More actions must be taken to turn these neighborhoods around…

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