The Review Of ' The Suckle Of Life ' Essay examples

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The Suckle of Life The first time I saw someone breastfeeding in public I was twelve years old. My family had traveled to Billings to spend the day at the Montana State Fair and meet up with my aunt and her family. My aunt had recently had a baby, so around lunch time we all sat down to eat, and naturally my aunt started feeding her new son. I couldn’t help but stare because she had this innocent person hidden under a blanket. At the time the temperature had risen into the upper nineties, so I could barely wrap my mind around the thought of having to eat and breathe under a stifling blanket. I just couldn’t make sense of the situation. My aunt noticed my staring and explained that she didn’t want to make anyone at the fair uncomfortable. For years women have been covering themselves up or scurrying off to the bathroom to feed their babies. The society we live in today has discriminated against women so much that they feel ashamed and humiliated to feed their babies in the open. Discrimination against anyone and everyone is illegal, and people discriminating against women for taking care of their children needs to end. Society has gone to great lengths to discriminate against women who breastfeed publically. “There are countless newspaper reports of women being shunned, harassed and even ejected from public places for nursing a hungry baby” (Matherne). Mothers should not be harassed for feeding their babies when they are hungry. They shouldn’t be made to feel as though…

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