The Revenge Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Revenge in Othello William Shakespeare uses many themes throughout his play Othello . One theme he uses throughout the play is revenge. He uses this theme by showing how destructive and blinding revenge and jealousy can be when taken in the wrong context and how it can consume someone so much that their judgement can be blinded. As Iago feeds the fire of jealousy for Othello by causing drama with Desdemona , the consequences are horrifying. Shakespeare illustrates how revenge can drive people to take extreme actions. One way William Shakespeare illustrated revenge is when Iago plots his revenge for his love for desdemona. He describes it in the play as “ a web in which he will catch a fly” In the plot of the story Iago is in love with desdemona who is already married to one of the main characters Othello. Iago is so overcome with jealousy he is determined to break up the two even though it may have extreme consequences. As one critic states , “ Iago says that he had slept in Cassio’s room and had heard Cassio speak sweet words in his sleep to Desdemona. He reminds Othello of the handkerchief and says that he had seen Cassio wipe his beard that day with that very handkerchief. Othello, completely overcome by passion, vows revenge. He orders Iago to kill Cassio, and he appoints the ensign his new lieutenant. “ (Foster Edward E ) We see iago using lies and manipulation to Coerce Othello into believing there is something going on with his wife and another man .…

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