The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Essay

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is considered by most Christians to be the central tenet of the Christian doctrine. The events that occurred after his crucifixion and subsequent interment in the tomb have raised numerous questions and have been the subject of debate among believers and non-believers for centuries. The Gospels of the New Testament, written in first and second centuries, are the primary source for understanding the events surrounding the resurrection of Christ. It is the limited availability of other resources that has resulted in the scrutiny of the Gospels in search of documentation that will definitively settle the debate of whether the resurrection actually occurred as revealed in these ancient texts. It is the purpose of this paper to recount the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the version of events found in the canonical Gospels and highlight a few of the anomalies within those texts that have added to the theological debate as to their veracity.
Resurrection According to the Gospel of Matthew
Following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, his body was removed for burial before sunset on the Sabbath at the request of Joseph of Arimathea, one of Jesus’ disciples. The disciples wrapped the body in clean linen and laid to rest inside a new tomb located in a garden belonging to Joseph. A large stone was rolled over the entrance of the tomb which had been carved into the rock. The following day at the urging of the Jewish priests, the Governor of…

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