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Google: Management Structure
By: Kiya Green
MGT 500
Dr. David Wells
November 21, 2015

Google: Management Structure
There are many imitators but there is no one that can come close to Google. They have dominated the field of search engines have made competitors look sickly (Hof, 2008). The most significant thing about Google is the way they influence people to think and construct business. When Google first started, the structure of management was different. Current day, Google has an unorthodox way of progressing. From the beginning Google has been properly managed and this has a major influence on the company’s success. Google also has the ability to adapt to change and make seamless changes. As the year’s progress, Google has
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Just as any other idea, this change started from one of their engineers when he wanted to explore the improvement of the search engine. Before the chances was released, they went under an extensive quality evaluation (Google, 2015). From a manager perspective it can go along smoothly if it deems beneficial for the corporation. The process of this change can be problematic when it comes to implementation. It can take a long time before something new is released. Once it is released, managers have to deal with the feedback and the kinks that may need to be worked out. When it comes to being a manager, the process could be difficult because of the pressure something new brings. Before a larger audience can experience the change, there are series of experiments and tweaking of small variables to retain feedback from colleagues (Google, 2015). If the feedback is not good, then the change can be a problem for senior management.
Evaluate management's decision on its use of vendors and spokespersons. Indicate the organizational impact of these decisions. It is no secret that Google respects the use of vendors and spokespeople. This is in fact how a product like this grows and expands to new ventures. Like stated before, Google was small and just a search engine. Now Google has their hands in some many different areas it’s as if they took over the world. There is not just one manager at Google that decides

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