Essay about The Responsibilities Of A Veterinary Technician

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The responsibilities of a veterinary technician require many skills, both technical and personal. One of the most important skills is communication, necessary for the veterinary team member’s interactions with doctors, coworkers, and clients. Communication is crucial for technicians to convey information and ideas to others, but it is equally important to be able to listen. A large part of building a relationship with clients is building trust through communication. Using appropriate body language, active listening, printed materials, while avoiding negative mindsets can help clients be more trusting and compliant, even during the most difficult visits to a veterinary facility.
A veterinary team member must always remember respect and empathy towards both their patients and their clients. Team members will encounter clients of all races, religions, backgrounds, and emotional states. “Owners have the right and responsibility to make decisions for their pets care. [The team member’s] job is to give them information and help they need to make good choices” (Boss, 1999, p 7). Team members should remember the Golden Rule, treating all clients equally and as they wish to be treated, regardless of their personal feelings about a client. Stereotypes and biases should be avoided (Downing, Sirois, & Thomas, 2009). Communication may be complicated by language barriers, disabilities, or emotions. These clients may require unconventional communication methods. A client may be hard of…

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