The Responsibilities Of A Human Resource Person Essay

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Hiring, firing, and recruiting; only a few of the many responsibilities of a Human Resource person. An HR person is responsible for finding people that are capable of completing the task that is asked of them in order to make a business successful. HR is also in charge of the daunting task of letting people go in the work force to keep it running efficiently. That was just a brief insight, but keep reading to learn more about this career (York 1). As mentioned above, Human Resource is responsible for many tasks throughout the day. They plan, direct, and coordinate administrative functions (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor). Basically, an HR person is like the manager of different departments, but without the title. They actually work hand in hand with the real managers of that department to insure that the jobs are done accurately and effectively. Another main job a Human Resource person does is to oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff members. HR people go to colleges to recruit college seniors (Kindersley 7). They receive many resumes and applications, and then, they have to go through and find the best suited applicants to interview. This process is very long and drawn out, so they can insure that they have the best staff possible. This process is also known as selection; choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill potential job openings (Snell 6). Serving as the middleman among all the…

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