The Resource Of Recycle Sorting With Game Board Essay

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The resource of Recycle sorting with game board, it is developed into two parts which can be used separately or together depending on the age of the children. The first section of the resource is the game board. The game board is shaped in a snake type design, using colour coded tiles on the game board to distinguish which card is to be picked up and to be considered for the children to determine whether they fit into the rubbish, recycle or the compost bin. Other tiles have been marked, such as return to the start of the game. move back and move forward a certain number of spots on the game board; this is to enable a longer length of time for the game to be played. The second part of the resource is depicting examples of cards that are part of this game such as tissue box, dirt, and bottle. Each card is colour coded using five colours including pink, purple, orange, green and blue. This design was used to allow a smooth transition from the colour on the board to the colour of the cards.
The design of both resources as a whole had in mind children and their patterns in games. Which is seen to be bright colours, long but not too long to create boredom and clear, crisp design to allow slick use? Also considered were the placing of the tile colours and new gameplay that will allow all children to participate and enjoy the game experience. The two-part resource appeals to teaching children about sustainability in a variety of ways such as Children are going to be exposed to…

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