Essay on The Resolution Of Conflict Resolution

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M6A1: Responses to Conflict
When it comes to conflict resolution, I could easily have been the poster child of what not to do for the vast majority of my life. Over the last five years or so I have been on a personal journey, focused on becoming a better, happier version of myself. As individuals, we have a choice in what our role is in dealing with conflict with others. Although I have made positive strides towards my lofty goal, I have much more to accomplish and to learn.
For many years I believed that the way that I dealt with conflict was above the fray and that I was this great communicator. Needless to say, I now know that I was being self-biased as well as completely inaccurate (Wood, 2016). What spurred me to self-improvement was not one single bad decision that I wished that I could undo or that I could do differently. It was when I was fortunate enough to have met a wonderful man, who didn’t have a bunch of baggage, who fell in love with me in spite of my many flaws. I realized early on in our relationship that I needed to make some changes or I would invariably lose him. Having him in my life and watching him be such a fantastic person made me want to become a better human being as well. According to Wood (P. 32), “Interpersonal communication is the primary way we build, refine, and transform relationships”.
The first step that I embarked upon on my journey required that I look inward, being brutally honest while taking stock of my negative traits,…

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