The Resistance Of Antibiotic Resistance Essay

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Antibiotic resistance also known as Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is when bacteria acquire the ability to resist the destructive and lethal effects of an antibiotic. New strains of resistant bacteria appear via mutations that introduce an antibiotic resistant gene and then evolve by “Survival of the Fittest". In presence of antibiotics, alleles providing bacteria with resistance are under strong selective pressure. Hence, surviving strains will be in a competition free environment, they will grow and reproduce rapidly. The resistance allele can also be propagated via conjugation and horizontal gene transfer. Mechanisms of resistance employed by bacteria include: drug inactivation (hydrolyses), resistance to drug intake, drug ejection, and altering the antibiotic binding site so that it is no longer recognized by the bacterium.
Antibiotic resistance is rapidly increasing in frequency and it 's becoming a global issue. A panel set up by the UK prime minister to tackle antibiotic resistance microbes predicted that it would cost the world 10 million lives and £700 billion a year if the problem was not resolved(The Times, 2016).Antibiotic resistance is a complex issue and many factors should be taken into account to try and solve it. Initially, to resolve the issue now the government should put in principles to cut down on infection transmission (in humans and animals) and to raise awareness amongst the health professionals and even the public with regards to proper antibiotic…

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