The Research Target Population For Quantitative Data Essay

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The goal of the research target population for the quantitative data was to focus on a specific but broad selection of individuals. The survey was not meant for just anyone. The researcher focused on contacting known students and professionals that had a certain degree of education and that had traveled in their life more than once a year. A minimum of 100 completed surveys was targeted.
For the qualitative date the focus was on expert that had insight knowledge about the topic. The researcher focused on finding the right person for the interviews. By researching the potential interviewers on LinkedIn.
The interviews for this dissertation were structured. Both interviews consisted of the same questions and the same process. First a polite introduction and a thank you for participating, followed by structured questions with no time frame. Finally an email was send to the respondents to thank them and show them how much the researcher appreciated their help.
Dr. Scott Simpson was interviewed in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands in November. In the passed he has worked for family medicine and emergency medicine in a variety of practices. Brookdale, Kings Country and Johns Hopkins are some of those hospitals. He also worked oversees in Africa and in Afghanistan. His focus is in pain Management and Tropical Medicine. The interview lasted around 25 min and was not recorded. The interview can be found in the appendices.…

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