The Research Study : Nurses ' Experience Of Caring For The Older Adult

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NURS 301 Critical Appraisal Assignment
The purpose of this paper is to critically appraise the researcher study: Nurses’ experience of caring for the older adult in the emergency department: a focused ethnography conducted by Bonny J. Taylor, Kathy L. Rush and Carole A. Robinson (2015). Critique of the research study will be guided by the questions located in appendix 1 in the course outline of the 301 Nursing Research course.
Purpose. Taylor et al. (2015) clearly states the purpose of their research study in both the introduction and abstract. The study’s purpose is to explore Emergency Department (ED) nurses’ experience of caring for the older adult population. Although the research question is not explicitly stated, it can be inferred through the last sentences of the third introduction paragraph that the research questions are: (1) Does “caring for older adults in the ED [create] work challenges for nurses?” (Taylor, Rush, Robinson, 2015); and (2) is the experience essential for nurses?
Background. The research study is covered fair-mindedly and is clearly justified. In the first paragraph, Taylor et al. (2015) highlights possible health conditions of the older adult population to explain their increased chances of being admitted to the ED. The second paragraph presents the phenomenon of overcrowding, and how overcrowding causes nurses to prioritize and divide their attention to each patient. This justifies why ED nurses’ quality of care is reduced. The…

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