The Research Questions On Honesty Advertising Essay

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The research questions in honesty advertising
The First point that is worth putting under analysis is whether the honest advertising can make company last longer. To give the distinct answer to this question, it is necessary to specify what is meant by the honest marketing. It is the abidance of the ethical principles, which advance the fairness and responsibility on the part of the media advertisers. To these unwritten norms belong the exact separation of the advertising from the news, direct and trust worthy reveal of the products’ characteristics, absence of the exaggeration, and compliance with the standards determined by the governmental agencies as well as refusal from the hidden manipulation techniques. In this light, the companies, which are targeted not only to attract the customers’ attention, but also to establish the long-term business cooperation with them, are not allowed to apply these unjust media strategies of influence.
From the ethical point of view, the disclosure of the fraud used by the favorite fraud is most likely to result in its ultimate failure. There is no surprise that nobody is wanted to be deceived; the same goes with the consumers’ behavior. It implies that when the shoppers feel that they are manipulated, they will never purchase the products of this brand again. This leads to the conclusion that the companies, which do not follow the honest advertising principles, are apt for the financial destruction. This implication finds its…

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