The Research Plan For Combating Hiv / Aids Epidemic Essay example

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The focus of the reading in the past several weeks has been on prevention. More specifically, the group of articles evaluated the current prevention technologies available, how the social sciences can help facilitate prevention planning and ways we can define and understand the population’s risk and how this can help affects long-term prevention planning. In the first week, the reading looked at the CDC’s plan for combatting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. The CDC’s approach is very generalizable and does not go into the specifics on how the CDC plans to execute these guidelines in forms of programs. While it contains the typical prevention programs such as condoms, needle exchange, linkage to care, treatment as prevention, PEP and PrEP, it does not state which populations they plan to specifically target. McQueen’s (2011) article describes the various biomedical methods and prevention tools available over the past 20 years. The article expresses just how important the social response to the various biomedical products is crucial when looking at the effectiveness of the treatment/prevention. A biomedical treatment/method of prevention is only affective if the targeted populations use it. McQueen suggest, by working at a population level and simplifying the complexities that are often associated with biomedical preventions, she hypothesizes that the biomedical approaches will become a more effective method on societal scale. A study that takes such a population…

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