The Research On Cancer Registry Essay

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On the basis of data collected from the International Agency for Research on Cancer Registry in Karachi, it is estimated that about 8000 children (18 years and younger) suffer from cancer each year in Pakistan (Ashraf, 2012). Children Cancer Hospital [CCH], Karachi, started with humble beginnings and presently has expanded to a 44 bed facility with three specialised paediatric oncologists and twelve doctors offering specialised and advanced care to every child free of cost (CCH, 2016). Over the years the number of adolescents and young adults [AYA] presenting to the paediatric facility have increased considerably. CCH currently takes in children and AYA up to the age of 18 years whilst 19 year old are referred to adult oncology facilities. Quality care of AYA cancer patients is a multifaceted process of timely detection,efficient diagnosis and access to biomedical and psychosocial healthcare practitioners (Zebrack, Bradshaw, & Siegel, 2010). As a psychotherapist working with cancer patients in CCH, there is growing recognition among the psychotherapist and nursing staff that AYA cancer patients have distinct psychosocial concerns that sets them apart from younger paediatric patients (D’Agostino, Penney, & Zebrack, 2011). The program proposed for the hospital management aims to improve service delivery to AYA cancer patients in a paediatric setting in CCH, by introducing a HEADSS assessment tool in phase 1 of the program to assess and provide psychosocial support to…

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