The Research Method: The Six Steps Of The Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method
The scientific method refers to an organized or systematic way of figuring out problems, where scientific questions are asked and answered by way of conducting methodological experiments and making observations. There are six steps or parts pertinent to the technique, the first of which entails asking of the question relating to what is intended to be learnt or establishing the purpose of the study. The second step of the technique entails carrying out research to find information from existing literature in books and other sources. The information can also be garnered by talking with professionals in the related field before experimentation can commence. This step requires the parties involved to conduct a background
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According to Neville-Neil (2013), a hypothesis may be true or false, but it must be a testable idea that leads to the establishment of a feasible solution to the problem. For this reason, the fourth step of the scientific method becomes indispensable as it entails hypothesis testing. In other words, after the formulation of the hypothesis or hypotheses, the investigator performs the experiment or observation by designing and applying a procedure that is used to verify the correctness of the formulated hypothesis. It is good practice to document the procedure of the experiment used in testing the hypothesis. The fifth step involves analyzing and recording the data gathered from the experiment or observation. The last step of the scientific method is the drawing of conclusions, and this entails reviewing the analyzed data to check how correct the hypothesis was, before the results can be communicated to other …show more content…
Actions and Anticipated Outcomes
To solve the problem of detergent brand selection, an experimental survey covering all the factors listed above on the selection of a power detergent is carried out. The anticipated results of the experimental survey are that a majority of the surveyed clients will reveal that stain removal power and efficiency of any detergent is the most important driving force in brand selection. The criterion for determining whether or not my actions would succeed involves numerical comparison of responses based on the factors or experimental parameters.

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