The Research And Teacher Viewpoints Essay

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The research and teacher viewpoints differ so much due to fact that teachers can see and interact with their students while researchers are basing their information off of paper values. Higher scores are being seen in the classroom, but only because teachers are altering the environment in a way that is keeping the students entertained while teaching them at the same time. Children are becoming more inclined to play on Minecraft and create structures rather than build Legos off of the computer or even listening to music from iTunes instead of playing an instrument or singing. Recess is even being taken out of schools and being replaced by computer classes to teach children to be more technology savvy. Journalist Steve Nelson find this a disturbing statistic, while still recognizing some benefits, and wishes that more virtual teaching were thrown to the side to keep the physical aspects of education a continued focus throughout curriculum systems throughout the world. Electronic media will never be phased out of households with children now that it has become so popular. Researchers believe that by implementing the technology that students are becoming more acclimated to, the distractions will be kept to a minimum and they will continue to be interested in continuing their education and benefitting from the increased learning potential that teaching devices can give (Richtel). There are some that see the integration of technology into educational systems as tool that will…

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