The Research And Developing The Self Driving Cars Essay

1150 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Few decades ago, people just know about the autonomous cars by watching some science fiction movies. They knew that those cars don’t need any drivers to control it and everything is automatic. Everybody wish they can have a car like this but nobody can imagine that it can be true, at least in the near future. Recently, their wishes are on the way to be true. Along with the development of technologies, lots of companies are doing the research and developing the self-driving cars. According to Thomas Frey, the executive director of the Louisville, Colorado DaVinci Institute, the Google Company has tested their driverless cars in a long time, and these cars have traveled more than 200,000 miles without the driver (41). Moreover, General Motors Company claims that their driverless cars will be tested by 2015, and they will sale officially in 2018 (Frey 41). All of the developments believe that the driverless cars will provide so many benefits, such as reducing the accidents, save fuel, save time. Although there are some people who argue that driverless cars can be hazardous objects on the road, there are many reasons that people can state the autonomous car is the future of transportation. One of the most important reason is the autonomous car will help to reduce the car accidents. The car accident is one of the biggest problems in the world and reducing it is always the important mission that every country and car companies try to do. There are so many ways to reduce the car…

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