Essay on The Republic Of Plato 's Republic

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Throughout the course of human history, people have repeatedly tried to create states in which each citizen could be content with their life, and justice was the deciding factor on all things related to the common good. This quest gave rise to questions of forms of government, economic systems, and control of education. Several societies have formed what they believed to be their ideal state, but all have been found to be inherently flawed. In Plato’s Republic, Plato utilizes a dialogue structure to lay out what he believes to be the ideal state, and describes in detail all the features that he believes must be in place in order to have a just society, ranging from the institution of philosophers as kings and the specialization of labor, to equal gender roles and the state control of education.
In Book II of Plato’s Republic, Socrates begins building his first state: the state of necessity. It is referred to as such because Socrates uses it to lay out the absolute fundamentals of a perfect state. This later gives rise to the ideal state, which incorporates these fundamentals, then builds upon them to form a city of luxury. In this first state, Socrates establishes the principle of one person to one craft. This refers to the idea of citizens of the ideal state holding only one occupation – namely that for which they are best suited by nature. Socrates believed in complete functional specialization; everyone should perform the crafts assigned to them based on their nature, and…

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