The Representation Of The Trojan War Essay

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For my final project, I will compare two pieces of art and show the comparisons and differences that they have in the Greek ancient period and the modern period of the same theme “the representation of the Trojan war”. The visual work art is a bilingual art because it was made with the participation of two artists, Andokides (Red figure) and the Lysippides (Black figure) and it is titled “Achilles and Ajax Playing a Dice a Game”. It was painted in 525–520 B.C in Greece and it represents the ancient Greece. The literary artwork I will consider is The Iliad, an epic poem by the ancient Greek poet Homer in 750 BCE. I will compare both artworks and connect them to the contemporary period debating the similarities and differences that the poem and the ceramic have and how they influenced our modern world, which help the creation of the film Troy led by Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom in 2004.
The bilingual amphora was painted in Athens, Greece during the ancient Greek period in a black figure and red figure style. This was a typical style in Athens, Greece at that time and it was mainly to decorate fine pottery. Most of the amphoras were made in sections initially (neck and body) and were put together afterwards (the foot and handles). This pottery was not for everyday use, but it was affordable for most of the population. This fine Greek pottery goes back to the Minoan and Mycenaean pottery of the bronze age. The black figure technique focused on silhouettes of their…

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