The Representation Of Motherhood In The Blind Side And Steel Magnolias

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The Representation of Motherhood

Women in the modern times are more recognized compared to women centuries ago. Nowadays, political movements, ideologies, and social movements are popular as they seek to define and establish the rights of women on the basis of equality of sexes. Under the feminist view, women have the choice to decide whether or not to use their bodies for pregnancy purposes. However, the movies The Blind Side and Steel Magnolias demonstrate that a woman can become an empowered feminist through having a child, may it be biologically hers or not. The Blind Side

The film is all about a boy who grew up moving from one foster home to another because his mother's inattention. Other times, Michael Oher stayed with his friends
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In the movie, M'Lynn is shown to be an overprotected mother. Other than that, she is likened to a mother who always feels that she knows what the best is for her daughter (Walker, 2014). Considerably, there is no battle between sexes in this movie. In fact, women stood by their men, and the men by their women, and they all stood by each other when life became tough (O'Neill, 2015). Feminism is evident because the men Spud and Drum adhered to the rules given by their female counterparts (O'Neill, 2015). This suggests that women can also voice out what they like, and it is not always every time that their husbands have to sole responsibility in making sure that their family members have a harmonious relationship with each other. Sometimes, women also know what the family …show more content…
On to the first movie, it is clear that Leigh Anne is a strong and brave woman because she knew that motherhood is not just about taking good care of her biological kids. In fact, motherhood is also about taking good care of children not hers. Based on the discussion in the preceding section of this paper, Leigh Anne believed that as a mother, she should love her adopted child as much as she loves her biological children because there is no really different in them. This boils down to the notion that families do not have to match. Further, she knew that as a mother, she plays a vital role in shaping the future of her children. This is the reason why she lays down rules for her children to follow. After all, such rules are designed to ensure the latter’s welfare. True to her principle, the life of Oher drastically changed because he landed on a football career. The life of Leigh Anne is an example that mothers do not have to be biological parents to be considered as parents. On the other hand, the movie Steel Magnolias depicted an overprotective mother who is very willing to give her everything to her child. As a strong mother, M'Lynn always have that feeling that she exactly knew what is going to be the best for her daughter. Despite that, M'Lynn learned the hard way that she cannot always control her daughter, Shelby,

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